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“Inverter Down!” – Better Solar Incident Management with ACTIS ERP

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Leading Solar O&M Provider Streamlines Solar Incident Management with Profergy and ACTIS ERP

EPC Technologies (EPCT) provides a complete range of services for renewable energy owners, from opportunity assessment and system design through to Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management.

Profergy assisted EPCT to implement the ACTIS ERP platform, which provides a turnkey solution for complete management of renewable energy portfolios.

Michael Cornwall, Project Director at EPCT, shares his experience of using ACTIS ERP (ACTIS) for management of solar portfolios on behalf of clients.

“Live monitoring from Operational Technology (OT) is essential for managing client renewable energy assets”, explains Michael. “To ensure that Solar and Storage systems meet and exceed the yields expected from their systems, we needed a platform that could integrate live monitoring with financial and customer information, to provide for end-to-end management.”

The ACTIS solution for EPCT integrates live data from solar inverters across the fleet. It supports growth and adaptation of operational processes because it integrates “out of the box” with most leading solar inverter and SCADA manufacturers. Combined with forecast and actual irradiance data, ACTIS provides automated, integrated monitoring and management across the portfolio.

ACTIS ERP Portal consolidates any IoT data to single dashboard
ACTIS ERP Portal – Consolidated Device Monitoring

Michael outlined how EPCT uses ACTIS to streamline Incident Management for clients:

  1. ACTIS picks up Alerts from plant monitoring. Using ACTIS, EPCT can automate triage of Alerts using configurable criteria – enabling a clearer view of priority tasks.
  2. From within ACTIS the EPCT Engineer verifies each Critical Alert, using consolidated performance data from the plant and the site from ACTIS Portal.
  3. Once verified, the EPCT Engineer raises an Incident in ACTIS directly from within the Alert screen.
  4. From within ACTIS the Engineer can also manage warranty claims, spare parts, and raise required work orders and record full details of the case.
  5. Details of the Incident are used as input to client billing and reporting, and are available in the ACTIS Portal.
ACTIS ERP Alerting is fully configurable, automating triage of Solar Incident Management
ACTIS ERP Alerting is fully configurable, automating triage of Solar Incident Management

Automation of Incident Management processes in ACTIS enables to EPCT to provide timely response and remediation, whilst saving time spent through effective prioritisation and single entry of data. Importantly for clients, data entered in the platform is instantly available to the ACTIS ERP Portal dashboard and client reports.

Beyond Incident Management, ACTIS also provides powerful capabilities for proactive and strategic management of the assets – topics we will cover in future stories.

If you would be interested in talking further about how to streamline Solar O&M, please reach out at